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One. Join in support

1, brand support: years of professional manufacturing experience, first-class product design and manufacturing level.
2, technical support, product updates, product quality declined by.
3, product support: do not have to stock, do not have stock, do not press funds, join the zero pressure.
4, marketing support: marketing expert guidance, combined with market support policy.
5, the opening support: the national multiple terminal promotion team, auxiliary shop surface fixed point "blasting" detonating sales.
6, after sale support: excellent after-sales service guarantee system, well-trained after-sales service personnel.
7, support and marketing support: professional training, publicity materials supply, and provide sales promotion, image output, brand promotion and other services.
8, market protection: strict market separation, the protection of the interests of the cooperation business space.


Two. Join the strategy

1, product strategy

1) differentiation: through the differentiation of products, the extraction of franchised stores, strengthen the competitiveness of the distributors in the local products;
2) cost performance: through the strict control and embodiment of detail technology, let the consumer buy more affordable products.

2. Channel strategy
To help dealers from the shopkeeper to salesmen, from single channel sales into more sales channels, to seize all possible.
3. Service strategy
1) national networking after-sales service + perfect after-sale training mechanism to help dealers get rid of the problems of product after sale.
2) the service marketing team, hand in hand to help the dealer, will carry on the execution to the end.


Three. join the process

Consulting and understanding→filling in application form→Headquarters audit→Sign→Looking for a store→Train→The opening

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