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HYGEIA company was founded in 2008, is a large comprehensive enterprise focus on the whole kitchen products R & D, production, sales and service, provide consumers with professional bathroom solutions to professional technology.
HYGEIA company stainless steel sink, stainless steel hand basin faucet, shower, stainless steel, stainless steel accessories such as five categories of production base.
HYGEIA company attaches great importance to technological innovation, and creates high-quality products with professional industry technology and constantly improving manufacturing technology. It has become one of the best kitchen and bathroom brands of high-end residential, high-grade office buildings, large public buildings, star rated hotels and tens of millions of families in China. At present, a number of stainless steel kitchen and toilet core technology, grinding technology, to promote the steady development of the company.
HYGEIA company has a number of sales outlets throughout the city, with a full range of detailed service for consumers through the production base, sales outlets, customer service service center three-dimensional service system; adhering to the "beyond the expected value for customer service" concept, the first implementation of the "customer service service life, five years of free warranty" service commitment to provide quality service for each customer.
HYGEIA company uphold the "high-end products, the general price" concept, to create Chinese quality responsibility, strive to provide high-quality kitchen products for consumers Chinese. In the future, and look forward to your HYGEIA, together to create China quality, build a beautiful Chinese.



German HYGEIA, 36 years experience of the classic legend                                                                               
Time proves everything. It keeps silent and keeps the classic.
In 1979, the German "HYGEIA" was born. High quality steel, exquisite technology, elegant unique personality: sea gives superior temperament, tough and constant pursuit of perfection and balance, in spite of erosion. More than thirty years, the sea Jie Ya uphold Germany exquisite manufacturing technology, outstanding achievements of extraordinary quality, committed to making every piece of sea products are shown in the era of elegant high quality standards"!
As a world stainless steel sink, leading expert. In the HYGEIA inheritance of German excellent tradition and technology at the same time, with its excellent quality, professional R & D technology, excellence in the manufacturing process, as well as fashion art design, make the HYGEIA spirit become a classic in the hundred years inheritance. "HYGEIA", with the quality and simplicity, natural texture, philosophy of life, the acclaimed.



Inherit the extraordinary quality of German craft
As the world's leading experts, stainless steel sink, in the sea Jie Ya inheritance of German excellent tradition and technology at the same time, with German design by Dali cooperation, they use the sensuous lines. Design a stunning sea elegant classic bathroom styling. In the life of the German HYGEIA testing laboratory. Our products undergo a rigorous testing, here, we sink, faucet and shower and all parts must be approved by the simulation of the effect of daily use 20 years of testing, and in particular to be tested with the hard water, with its high quality, high technology content, excellence in the manufacturing process, and cutting-edge art of fashion design, so that the HYGEIA spirit become a classic in the hundred years inheritance.
An elite management team that transcends customer expectations
The HYGEIA creative product design in Germany, product marketing logistics operations in the global layout, production of the international development strategy in Chinese and increase the share of domestic sales and penetration China. At the beginning of 2013, HYGEIA successfully settled in major shopping malls, we aspire to "quality products price advantage" let the HYGEIA products really benefit every consumer, will be the perfect comfort to thousands on thousands of family life, with a strong competitive advantage in the Kuo Dazhong trial clients quickly. In order to design the HYGEIA smell sharp, Seiko quality heritage and the benefit of the public "cost pricing" low-cost strategy, let the HYGEIA and customers closely linked, the HYGEIA design concept and attitude to life to share with every customer. In the HYGEIA in the world, to look for the supreme quality, perfect details, classic beauty and harmonious fashion!


HYGEIA qualily is not just promise,il guarantees that all our products meet and exceed customer expectations,raise on behalf of a range of unique both experience.
From the inilial sketch design to a new product launch,the design precess is the mest important consideration is the end-user needs,to onsure that products meet the market needs,we always pay attention to social trends and customer behavior palteins evolve.Coupled with global market profound undertanding,so that we can grasp the future needs of customers.

The HYGEIA as the sanitary industry leader, over the years, we successfully constructed more in tune with the public taste and demand for products